European Interdisciplinary Applied Research Center for Safety

The Association Research Organization Eursafe, born as meeting point of research on the topic of prevention and safety in the life, work and study. The Association aims to promote, through the application of scientific methods of research, the experience of the “Community of practice” that for years have established themselves in the world as consisting of aggregations informal "actors" who share interests and common issues to collaborate, promote, discuss and exchange views on issues related to the different interests of the members. These are different groups that were born spontaneously, rising around specific themes and in-house have been developed phenomena of solidarity towards organizational problems. In these contexts, in fact, members share goals, practical knowledge, meanings, languages ​​and, in this way, create forms of organization characterized by traits and distinctive.

"Communities of practice are groups of people who share an interest, problems or a passion for a subject and that deepen their knowledge and skills by interacting and evolving together." (Wenger; 1998).

These communities allow participants to share and exchange knowledge to seek answers simple, effective and immediately enforceable, to the problems, sharing mode of action and interpretation of reality. Membership proactive part of a community of practice, in fact, constitutes an inductor of learning. Each participant, bearer of a deep experiential know-how, working spontaneously in the development of the common themes, acting as equals, avoiding solitary activities of larger organizations, aware that everyone has the need to learn from the experiences of others so that, by sharing individual knowledge, everyone can achieve the target of collective improvement. Knowledge sharing, especially on the part of the organizational structures with fewer resources available for developing methods and / or organizational systems (typically the micro / small businesses) allows the adoption of new models of interpreting reality and operational structure of the new practice, thanks to the creative individual, whose dissemination is not so much and not only because of what the individual can think and do, but for the reverb and the domino effect that the proposal / adoption of these new models can play in changing thoughts and actions of the whole community of practice. Communities of practice have a strong innovative potential, are able to produce, over time, to develop new ideas to produce new shares. Today we look at communities of practice also in the training business, since there is a pressure to innovation caused by the evolution of markets, increasingly dynamic and changing, as they can be a form of self-learning organizations, thanks to the movement and capitalization of their know-how and the initiation of collaborative learning processes, flexible and continuous in time.

Confident that our initiative will find the interest up for all stakeholders, invite those who wish to share our goal to send messages and / or material that relates to the topic.

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